a cup of kindness

12:04 AM

It is too often that we let judgement dictate our lives and how we treat other people. 

What we don't know, no matter how close we think we are to other people, is what one may be going through. Everybody has so much going on in their minds all the time, and when you are having a rough day, believe me, you're not the only one having a rough day. 

I'll keep this short and sweet. The next time you see the person you've been giving a hard time to, the person that you never gave a real chance to get to know, the person that has a lot more going on than the useless shit that you're giving them... give them kindness instead. Not only is kindness easier to give, but the outcome is often stronger and more beneficial on both ends. A simple act or feeling of kindness can go such a long way.

Happy Holidays, friends and enemies! I'm back in Ohio with my family doing lots of eating, cat snuggling, and thrifting. :) 

Here's one of my favorite fall looks:

Sweater: American Apparel
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes & Sunglasses: Forever 21

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