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2:02 PM

I'm at a point in my life that doesn't exactly line up with fashion blogging - and lately, I've seen that the reputation of fashion bloggers have become a joke of some sort. This reputation is for good reason - nowadays everyone is totally a "blogger". This new class of fashion bloggers that have sprouted up all over the world over the past year has ruined it for all of us, and from what I have seen, they're out for one thing: free shit. 

Fashion blogging isn't supposed to be a narcissist's outlet to try to score free clothes, people. It's not a website to post pictures of yourself so you can show other people how pretty you are. It's not about commenting for comments, and likes for likes. It's about inspiring others while expressing yourself through fashion.

Shit, maybe I'm guilty of creating this general fashion blogging reputation too - which is why I'm questioning the continuation of my blog. Am I contributing to something annoying and awful? Can I lead my blog into a direction that has inspiring and creative content that doesn't appear to be narcissistic? I blog because I love to do it, but I'm at a crossroads. 

Here are some photos because I already had them from a while ago.

Hat & Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Satterday

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