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1:51 PM

Well, I went on another MIA spell again, but for good reason! After the launch of Satterday, I moved (once again) from Ohio to Los Angeles (for good!).

This year has been full of adventures, moves, and all sorts of experiences. I wouldn't take a moment back, but I'm pretty thankful to have settled in paradise and to have a home for a while. Suitcase living was challenging for me. I have plenty of closet space here (plus a few garment racks). 

I also live with my best friend, and I'm excited to feature her in quite a few posts. She has an incredible sense of fashion, and really, we're two peas in a pod. 

This look was obviously inspired by extreme happiness! Bright colors, polka dots, the whole shebang can pretty much explain how I feel about living in California. Let the adventures begin!

Dress, Headband, & Flats: Forever21

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