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Thursday, June 13, 2013

one of these days the world is gonna find you

Maxi dresses are so perfect. They allow you to feel feminine during cooler weather, they can be as dressy or as casual as you want them to be, and you don't have to chave your legs. I mean... umm..
These shots are a continuation of my shoot with Lauren Grayson Photography - Akron area folks, please check out her work
I'm on the verge of releasing a project that I've been working hard on, and when I do this, you all will be able to purchase the flower crowns I've been making and wearing on this blog (among other amazing goodies). Be on the lookout! 
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Flower Crown: Handmade (available for sale soon!)

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Olivia Law said...

These are incredibly beautiful photos! I love the flowers xo

Miss Twiggy said...

divine and romantic photos...
New post is up, check it out!!

Laura said...

That dress is just perfect and dreamy!


Madeline Veloria said...

You look so boho chic :) The color of the maxi is beautiful...and you can definitely rock the floral crown :)

Veloria in Velvet

Joules said...

These are just fantastic pictures! I love them, and you look like a wood elf--gorgeous. Wonderful photograhy.

And also, great outfit. The green belt really makes the dress pop. :)

Style by Joules

Rachel Bethke said...

these photos of you are STUNNING. woahhhhh :)

Isa Machado said...

Amazing pictures! ;)

Midwest Muse said...

Love these photos! I can't wait to see my session from Lauren after seeing how stunning yours turned out.

bashashhazbaz said...

very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Laisse moi te plaquer contre le sol et me frotter contre ta robe longue !!