tomorrow is a long time

9:22 PM

My sister has become quite the blog photographer (and I'm very excited about this) as we have been spending a lot of time going on adventures together. Ohio, when it decides to warm up, is so beautiful. You don't really appreciate how lush and full of life it is until you've lived in a city made of concrete and another city next to the desert. There really is nothing like Ohio, so I'm glad I'm here for a little bit.

On the day of this look, my mom, sister, and I headed out to a farmer's market to make a delicious dinner for my father's birthday! It was chilly out, a little too cold for this look, but I didn't care too much.

Dress: H&M
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Stolen from a friend (but it is Levi's)
Boots: Necessary Clothing
Bag: Gabriel Brothers
Flower Crown: I made it! (And I'm putting them up for sale!)


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