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This is a little more risque than my average wardrobe choice, but I couldn't help but to love this faux 2 piece look! This is actually one piece - a dress - that is held together by the zipper in the back. More of a night time look, yes, but that was easily resolved with some flowy layers (and a change into flats, shh...).

I'm also wearing a good amount of jewelry that my grandmother, Moggie, gave me over the years. On April 17th, my Moggie passed away, and she always loved bragging about where I was living and what I was wearing. I'll miss her so much, but I know she's in heaven causing mischief and telling dirty jokes. 
I'll be spending some time with my family in Ohio (but still blogging).

 Dress + Jacket: Forever 21
Jewelry (excluding the "bitch" necklace): Moggie's 
Bitch Necklace: American Vintage (on Melrose in LA)


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