we aren't caught up in your love affair

8:32 PM

This outfit was just perfect on this day. The weather was lovely, the perfect temperature to go without a jacket in Ohio. My sister and I spent the day together, including a date with my grandpa and a walk on some pretty trails during sunset. Having a little time at home feels great. The best part so far is definitely the quality time to get to know my big sister and developing a great friendship with her.

These bold pants are nice and safe with these pops of color, but I'm looking for the perfect print on print action - a good top. I've yet to find the mate, but I will, I promise! 

Top: Thrifted at Village Discount Outlet
Belt: Thrifted at Village Discount Outlet
Silver Necklace: Thrifted at Village Discount Outlet
Gold Necklace: American Vintage on Melrose
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: WalMart


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