a fond farewell

9:17 PM

A lazy, hazy February Sunday in California and a long, flowy skirt seem to be the perfect pair. It's warm but still winter, and the northeast girl in me wants to run around bare legged as much as possible. Mind you, this doesn't work out as much as I'd like it to because there is no exaggeration when I say that I'm cold... all the time. 

My predictions of my style for this year are pretty much along the same lines as I always have been, black and white are always a part of an outfit, especially with a thrifted piece like this skirt I found at a Goodwill back in Ohio. 

Here's a hint... I plan on visiting a lot of Goodwill locations this year. ;)

Top: Urban Outfitters
Belt & Spike Bracelets: Forever 21
Flats: WalMart
Skirt: Goodwill

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