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Thursday, February 28, 2013

ocean of noise

Inland from LA, its was a beautiful day that looked much colder than it felt! Only every once in a while  will I take the time to straighten my hair - it just curls up like Tina Turner's or Sarah Jessica Parker's without any effort. My naturally curly hair usually air dries and I throw in some hairspray for volume!

This outfit is actually a skirt layered over my dress. I'm not a huge fan of the skin tight bandage look anymore (who really is?) so throwing a skater skirt or something with an A line over top disguises the dress as something so three years ago. 

Plus, I felt like a ballerina prancing around the desert :)

Dress: H&M
Skirt: Express
Socks: Forever 21
Flats: WalMart

Sunday, February 24, 2013

calling all skeletons

Who say's black and white together are boring? My favorite pieces of art, red carpet looks, and home decor items are classic black and white. White adding a pop of color always gives your look some character, playing with print, texture, and silhouette can do the job (and most of the time better). 

I found this item on GoJane and I had to have it - I've been looking for an x-ray inspired piece for quite some time, but nothing was perfect. This bodysuit will be making quite a few appearances because its form fitting, comfortable, and is a conversation piece! 

Simple black denim and some pointed toe oxfords were the perfect compliment, along with some layered costume necklaces that I can't seem to put away. These also seem to be the perfect fit with this wall I've been dying to shoot in front of in Venice! 

Check out GoJane's selection - especially if you're a fan of Nasty Gal and Forever 21.

Bodysuit: GoJane
Shoes: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklaces: H&M & Forever 21

Friday, February 22, 2013

rose parade

LA is known for having a haze of pollution looming in the air, but rarely do you see the sun hide behind heavy clouds and fog. This day was different than most, but I loved how the tall palm trees disappeared in the mist.

For my weekend getup, I paired a thrifted top (one of my favorites) with some H&M pants. I've worn this style of pant quite a bit - $12 for high waisted skinnies - so of course I've populated my wardrobe with just about every color.

Top: Goodwill
Pants & Earrings: H&M
Shoes: UNIF

Thursday, February 21, 2013


photo by jeffrey stroup

I don't normally do special announcements, but this is definitely an exception... I'm going on the ultimate roadtrip! 

For almost 4 months, I'll be on the road with the boys of the Listen Close Tour heading all around America. Not only will I be listening to the incredible music of Josiah Leming and One Love every night, but I'll be doing an outfit post from every city (I'm sticking to this) throughout the tour!

I'm partnering with Goodwill, GoJane, We Love Colors, and other rad brands to show you what I'll be wearing over the next few months. I could not be more excited to tackle the ultimate task on my bucket list.

So, friends, family, blog readers, even enemies! Come see me - or do yourself a favor - and come see Josiah Leming play one hell of a show for you in your city! Check out where we'll be traveling HERE so you can grab your tickets, because they're selling fast! 

Like Josiah Leming on Facebook

Leave a comment with your city and let me know if you'll be coming to a show! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

pick one and come

I spent the whole day at the beach alone and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the warmth and the waves. Needless to say, I was very happy through the rest of the day! The evening got chilly, so some leather and a sweater were just enough.

By the way, I love cats. And this Unknown Artist top. 

Top: Unknown Artist
Skirt & Hat: H&M
Flats: Target
Sweater: American Apparel

Friday, February 15, 2013

a fond farewell

A lazy, hazy February Sunday in California and a long, flowy skirt seem to be the perfect pair. It's warm but still winter, and the northeast girl in me wants to run around bare legged as much as possible. Mind you, this doesn't work out as much as I'd like it to because there is no exaggeration when I say that I'm cold... all the time. 

My predictions of my style for this year are pretty much along the same lines as I always have been, black and white are always a part of an outfit, especially with a thrifted piece like this skirt I found at a Goodwill back in Ohio. 

Here's a hint... I plan on visiting a lot of Goodwill locations this year. ;)

Top: Urban Outfitters
Belt & Spike Bracelets: Forever 21
Flats: WalMart
Skirt: Goodwill

Monday, February 11, 2013

cold pizza

A chilly evening in Santa Monica to watch the sunset and shop on the promenade. I can't say I mind living this life. I also like layering winter clothes with summer clothes - like this Target sundress with 2 sweaters and some over the knee socks. It happened to be the perfect amount of layering as the sun was disappearing into the Pacific. 

Also this post has nothing to do with cold pizza... I just know I have some in my refrigerator waiting for me right now.

 Dress: Target
Coral Sweater & Socks: H&M
Grey Sweater & Hat: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: A boutique on SoHo (they were only $5!)
Bracelets: Thrifted
Watch: Michael Kors

Friday, February 8, 2013

fake plastic trees

Ah, California!! 

I know, these posts are LONG overdue, but alas! They have arrived! I am here in Los Angeles, and I'm a lot warmer than you guys. I'm also awake much later and can enjoy the most delicious truffle burger on the planet anytime I'd like (can you sponsor me now, Umami Burger?). The best part? I'm living in the heart of Venice, which reminds me the most of New York City over any other area in LA. It's hip, grungy, eclectic, and full of life. The Lower East Side of LA. The closest I'll feel to home.

After the worst brunch ever (great first impression, SoCal), I explored the new neighborhood on the famous Abbott Kinney. With popular restaurants bustling and hipsters strolling around the endless amount of adorable boutiques, I couldn't have felt more at home on this sunny Sunday afternoon. 

I also didn't have to wear my jacket.

Welcome to California! 

Sweater: American Apparel
Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Forever 21
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Unif
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Flower Crown: Handmade
Bracelet: Vintage