punk rock princess

10:14 PM

This day out in the city was so peaceful - it was a tourist-less weekday and beautiful weather to walk around midtown. I was feeling the big hair that day, and decided to head down the hair-band route with my outfit. Why not?

The ever-popular H&M jeggings this blog has come to love are making yet another appearance in the neon pink. This color can pair with toned down hues, but not toned down style. I went with a chambray button down, a black leather jacket, a statement necklace, and some fun little oxfords. These oxfords make me want to tap dance, but they're actually pretty slippery and I ended up tripping on a few street corners. Luckily my ass never hit the ground. 

Top, Shoes, & Necklace: Forever21
Jacket & Pants: H&M

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