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Sunday, December 9, 2012

punk rock princess

This day out in the city was so peaceful - it was a tourist-less weekday and beautiful weather to walk around midtown. I was feeling the big hair that day, and decided to head down the hair-band route with my outfit. Why not?

The ever-popular H&M jeggings this blog has come to love are making yet another appearance in the neon pink. This color can pair with toned down hues, but not toned down style. I went with a chambray button down, a black leather jacket, a statement necklace, and some fun little oxfords. These oxfords make me want to tap dance, but they're actually pretty slippery and I ended up tripping on a few street corners. Luckily my ass never hit the ground. 

Top, Shoes, & Necklace: Forever21
Jacket & Pants: H&M


Rachel Bethke said...

amazing oxfords is right!!!! foot petals makes these no-slip stick ons for the bottom or u can try what i do, actually tap dance on ROUGH concrete and it will scuff the bottoms so they are not slippery :D shuffle off to buffalo!


Miss Coco said...

Yous style is amazing!!

Kacie said...

Punk rock princess is the best description for this outfit! Love it!

Life's a shoe said...

great look! I really love your necklace! so gorgeous!

thecriminallyexpensive said...

I love that necklace. I just adore big, shiny necklaces!

Thanks for dropping by and showing love! I truly appreciate it!


The Criminally Expensive

Cee said...

I love your pink jeans! They are definitely not a colour just anyone could pull off but you are rocking them. And I'm in love with your oxfords :)

Anonymous said...

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Mitha Komala said...

awesome jacket dear! you look so chic and stunning xx

Letters To Juliet

Midwest Muse said...

These pants and those shoes, YES.

Bostonista said...

Not sure how I feel about the shoes but your hair and those hot pink pants look amazing! Definitely an updated 80s look that I love!