don't skimp on his stocking: the perfect gifts

8:13 PM

The lovely folks from The Motley (a super rad men's grooming retailer) stopped by New York City to feature their favorite gifts at Unique NYC. Wether your man is well groomed or in need of some help, The Motley has something for every dude (because we know they all naturally smell bad).  

Below are some photos from the event as well as my favorite gift items for the brother, father, or significant other in your life! 

Super warm welcome, yes?

This is what a dude should smell like. Now your studio apartment won't smell like his dirty underwear.

For 8 bucks a pop, ain't no reason his face shouldn't feel like a baby's bottom.

The really good stuff from above plus more really good stuff in a gift set so you don't have to shop for him anymore. 
Hello - more time to shop at Nasty Gal for yourself! 

A scent for the lady! Yes, every time you buy something for him, you should buy something for yourself. 
They say it smells like Tuberose & Jasmine, I say it smells like amazeballs.

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