color can wait

11:12 AM

If I had to choose only one patterns for my wardrobe, my closet would be infested with stripes. I adore stripes because no matter what width, color, or fabric they come in, they can always fit together. Stripes can turn an outfit in so many directions as well - wether they give your outfit more energy or maybe some sophistication.  

While I may be a little too passionate about stripes, I do know one thing: they're not going anywhere. This timeless pattern is by far my favorite because of the layering potential. 

I layered a baggy sweater over a dress that was too short and tight for daytime roaming. The layering of the stripes was loud enough to be original, but the combination of the black and white made the look a little more refined. I can't wait to wear this again when it drops below 80 degrees in NYC!

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