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Monday, June 18, 2012

what you wear to fly

I wore this to jump out of a plane.

I didn't know I was going skydiving, it was actually the best birthday surprise I'll probably ever receive in my life - I was told that it was an outdoor adventure and that's all. Besides the initial "I'm so excited" freak-out when the surprise was revealed, I was rather calm throughout the process... until I heard (and felt) the plane door open.

Still trying to look like you're fashionably conscious while planning on an escape to nature? Here's my take:

Shirt & Vest: The Children's Place 
Pants: Forever21

Yes, I wear children's clothes. I happen to get a (REALLY) good deal on them. coughemployeesamplesalecough

Oh, you wanted to see skydiving photos?


The Midwest Muse said...

These pants fit you AMAZINGLY. How are you breathing in them? Also wonderful color. I too shop in little kid sections. All the time. And your face is priceless in some of those. I would have cried.

Unknown said...

you have guts, beauty and now glory, congrats

alovelylittleblog said...

awww once again i love your pattern mixing abilities!! how does it look so good? if i did that i would look a fool! i miss you!! i would NEVER JUMP out of a plane!

Brandon Davis said...

That's an awesome outfit Sarah, and the photos of you skydiving are really cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he liked going to work that day ....