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Friday, June 15, 2012

moving mountains

As an Ohio turned New Yorker, seeing mountains is a serious event. I can't imagine living in an area surrounded by mountains and not stepping out of my way everyday to appreciate how fascinating they are. Of course, while road tripping, I had to take advantage of the scenery.

Top: The Children's Place
Tie: Thrifted (was attached to a top)
Shorts: Target
Boots: Thrifted
Watch: Michael Kors


The Midwest Muse said...

I love the scarf worn like this/the mixed prints! Also the first photo is a little bit scary. Like you're about to get ran over!

alovelylittleblog said...

i love you and missed your amazing mixing pattern abilities!! i kinda wish you would come to my closet and mix all my patterns cause i suck at it!