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Thursday, April 6, 2017

amongst the roses

I've had some fantastic conversations lately with my best friends, new friends, old friends whom I haven't been able to catch up with for quite some time, acquaintances, and strangers. They all revolve around a common subject: change.

As I near my 30th birthday, I think about how much I've changed over the past year, 3 years, and 5 years. I've absolutely gone through the most dramatic growing periods of my life, and what's exciting is that I'm fully aware that I'm going through a deeper change at this moment.

My goal is to always strive to be a good person, simple as that - but life tosses you carelessly into challenging situations where you end up living with somebody who doesn't understand you, or you work for somebody who doesn't respect you, or you fall for somebody who has every intention of hurting you. Life is an infinite test of your character, no matter your age, lifestyle, relationship status, financial situation, political opinion, emotional baggage, professional history, etc.

We're all just doing the best we can, and we're all constantly changing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

casual balance

A classic New York City shoot location, a not-so-classic look. Pairing a silk maxi dress with some sneakers and a beanie is not what you would call conventional, but I quite enjoyed mixing things up in this manner. 

I haven't spent too much time in DUMBO, but over the past couple months, I've committed to exploring Brooklyn and branching out of my regular spots. If I have a day and I'm commitment free, I throw on a coat and my headphones and just start walking. Often I've been going west down Myrtle Avenue and ending up on DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, or near Prospect Park. I've fallen in love with certain nooks of these areas, and as much as I thought New York could be a short term fling, I see myself pushing a stroller around Fort Greene and doing family days at Rockaway Beach.

Goodness, I'm getting old if that's what I'm looking forward to.

Dress: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Shoes: Adidas

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

10 things you appreciate about new york when you move from los angeles

I'm counting down the days until I set foot back at LAX. It's my favorite airport to land at, usually because my best friend is waiting for me rom-com style at baggage claim with some sort of amazing treat (last time she snuck a recipe off of my Pinterest board and made mini corn dog muffins sooo..). 

For some reason I always get distracted by corn dogs. Anyway, I'm itching to get back out west for Coachella and I'm spending extra time in my old home visiting with some of the dearest friends I've ever met. After 3 years in Los Angeles, moving back to New York had me feeling 2 different emotions: 

1. I was cold. 
2. I felt like I was back where I belonged. 

Back in November, I did a post on 10 things you miss about LA when you move to New York. Now that I’ve made it through 2 winters alive, I think it’s time to show my current home some real appreciation. So here we go again… 10 things you appreciate about New York when you move from Los Angeles:

1. Hot dogs. Pizza. Bagels. Duh!
Side note: I still have never tried street meat kebabs. Don't plan on it.

2. Those toned legs. Let me tell you - I had a personal trainer in LA, went to the gym on a regular basis, and was always so stressed about my body. As a New Yorker, simply going to and from work could be enough. No lie! Actually, you can add the obvious to this one. I never have to sit in 2.5 hours of traffic coming home from work ever again. 

3. Dating. Sure, dating sucks in New York, but it sucks less. The guys here are less likely to be "actors", struggling deadbeats with a weed card, or entitled Hollywood money babies. You're definitely more likely to actually swipe right on a legit dude with a good career and a head on their shoulders. In the case of NY men, the reason they're single is less likely to be them still desperately trying to play the field and more likely that their career was a priority. EDIT: It's becoming apparent that a high percentage New York bachelors may be a bit off the deep end so I'll keep you updated on that, this point could be completely inaccurate.

4. You can get drunk whenever and wherever you want, and you never have to worry about getting a DUI. Unless you have a bike.

5. The worst thing about the view from my desk is when the sun glares off of the Chrysler Building. 

6. There are always friends coming to town on vacation or business. I've seen so many friends from high school and I always make an effort to spend a day or evening with them. This was the case in LA as well, but not as frequently since I'm much closer to my hometown and more businesses are HQ'd here. I actually think the people I've seen the least see are my friends from LA, cause why would you leave LA?! 

7. Diversity. I have more diverse friends, coworkers, and neighbors here. And it's awesome.

8. Layers! Layers just look so much cooler here. I was actually excited for fall. And reasons to stay inside with a movie. And to not feel like a lazy POS when I order Seamless. And lots of blankets. And thick socks. And leather jackets. And those big scarves. And a cuddly kitten.

9. These streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you. But really. Those moments of magic where your soul feels like it's filled with glitter and sparklers really do happen, and often.

10. Home. I'm a Midwest girl so this point may only apply to some of you, but I'm able to go home more frequently to see my parents, my sister, my cats, and most of all, my nephew. There were times where I went almost a year between hugging my sister. I can hop on a plane or rent a car and be home in a day's notice if I need to, and nothing compares to that feeling.